Time to reassess | 03/01/2011

2 months into the New Year and here are where my resolutions stand:

1. I have to create a business plan for the banks… these bad boys are time consuming. It will help me in the future though!

2. I have heard some great new messages at church to share with people! I am waiting for the videos to be posted on their website so I can send them out. One is on Life is Hard and the other one is on Cravings. If you are interested in hearing more, then please leave me a comment on here.

3. I have started sleeping on my stomach a little. When I sleep this way I fall asleep faster. I need not to fall back into bad habits though. It is not good for my back or my neck.

4. Still giving money to the cure for cancer monthly!

5. Bought a 2nd set of wrist/ankle weights and still have not incorporated them into my work outs.



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  1. Grrrrrr. Well it seems that things are at least moving for resolution on the business. What is your gutt telling you? Yes, No ?

    Comment by Joe Hodges — 03/07/2011 @ 9:32 pm

    • My gut is saying it has a ton of potential so go for it! The banks and my business consultant on the other hand are concerned…. Thank you for asking!

      Comment by activegirl1 — 03/07/2011 @ 11:45 pm

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