St Patrick | 03/18/2011

My pastor lady sent this interesting e-mail out yesterday:

 Today, people around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  It is an
> invitation for people of all faiths and nationalities to raise their
> glasses together.  Yet few people know much about St. Patrick himself.
> During his youth, the British Isles were overrun by Germanic tribes and at
> age 16 he was captured and sold into slavery.  One night, while praying,
> he received guidance on how to escape and find his way to a boat 200 miles
> away.  Following this inner voice, he found the ship which sailed to what
> is now France.  There he made his way through a dangerous forest, escaping
> capture and finding food along the way.
> When Patrick returned to Ireland, he inspired many with his preaching and
> was credited with many miracles.  One legend says that Ireland was once
> overrun with snakes.  Patrick is credited with driving the snakes away
> through the sheer power of his faith in God.
> We all experience being slaves of one kind or another.  We may be enslaved
> by fear or a sense of lack, limitation or oppression.  We may be enslaved
> by habits or addictions.  We are often captured by the small thinking and
> illusions of the world.  Yet, we all yearn for freedom.  Like St. Patrick,
> we may receive guidance on how to find our way.  If we trust our guidance
> and act on it, our faith proves itself and becomes stronger and stronger
> until it has the power to keep us from being lost in negative thoughts or
> destructive habits. 
> So today, as you “put on the green”, remember St. Patrick, an inspiration
> to us all.  We too can be free through the power of our faith.


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