OMG where have I been | 04/14/2011

This is a quick blog to catch you up!

Let’s see I went to Germany and Gatlinburg, TN! I had a fabulous time!!! I will post a blog about each of those trips soon with pictures!

I am still attending business meetings. I was invited to 2 new ones. One is on the law of attraction and business. I went to it on Monday and it  is about staying on track and being positive! Also, I am taking a class at lunch on Fridays called Pathways to Purpose. It is about christian ownership of a business!

The business I was trying to purchase is not going to go through b/c the owner is not able to produce a balance sheet. This piece of paper is oh so important b/c it tells the banks exactly what I am buying (tables, chairs, kilns, etc.). There were several other factors as to why this was probably a bad idea anyway. Over the disappointment and moving on!


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