I want to go back! | 04/28/2011

This is my friend Stefan, his sweet wife Stephanie and I at the Neuschwasnstein Castle in the German alps. Castle’s are awesome!!! We had to hike up to this beauty! It tooks us about 25 minutes. Our other option was to take a horse drawn carriage. The weather was a nice 60 degrees though so we were happy to walk!

The tour was not very long because only 10 rooms were finished inside the castle. King Ludwig II was having it built but in the process he mysteriously died near Munich.  Then 6 weeks later they opened the castle for tours. It was super tall and gorgeous! Neuschwanstein means new swan. It was decorated with swans inside! Imagine that! Ha!


I ate Leberkas for dinner. There is no translation for this food. I think it is a combination of pork and veal. Whatever it is it’s delicious! It came with German potato salad which was also delicious!

That pretty much sums up Day 1! More to come!


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