Life is what you make it…


Here it is October.  October is one of the coolest months.  It always goes by so fast with the temps being perfect, the fall festivals, fairs, leaves changing, Halloween, etc.  Get out there and enjoy it people because it is almost over!

So, I’m sure some of you have been wondering where I have been.  Well, the answer is simple I was at the pool –  splish splashing around and enjoying soaking up the sun!  I have decided someone needs to make a water proof laptop so I can continue to blog during my favorite season.  Until then, you may see a drop off during that time.

What else has been going on you ask?  Well, I have finally come out of denial.  I was in denial about how much not getting the business I tried to buy earlier in the year affected me.  Good news is I have a new business idea now (a ray of sunshine and hope for the dark dismal winter)! I am forging ahead too! I met with 3 commercial realtors on Monday to look at spaces available.  I liked 2 out of the 3.  Now if I can just get them to come down on the rent.  If anyone has any suggestions, then please comment below.  Thanks guys and dolls!  Have a blessed day!!! 😀


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