Back in the day is always a Wed – Dane Cook

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It’s Wednesday and today was pretty darn nice! I am loving the 60 degree weather in Feb. God is good!

Today Snigdha and I went out to 3 large shopping strips and talked up the buy local campaign to business owners.  It went well! Snigdha is truly a God sent! She is a happy go lucky girl that is helping me out! And she wants to help me regularly! Awesome! I love the social interaction! We had  a good time laughing and talking between stops along the way.

The posters will be ready tomorrow to pick up. Whoo hoo!!! Tell your friends who own businesses! 🙂


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Almost the end of January 2012

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Wow! Can you believe it is 2012? And here we go again with the world is going to end talk. Think it will end? I doubt it.

I would like to get back into blogging… Here is my first step.

Today I am thankful for:

My dog. Pepe is a wonderful dog. He mostly just sleeps. He wags his tail when I take him out for a walk. What a cute little critter!

My cell phone – even though it is cracked. At least it still works!

Ok a little rusty but it’s a start. So there.




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Life is what you make it…


Here it is October.  October is one of the coolest months.  It always goes by so fast with the temps being perfect, the fall festivals, fairs, leaves changing, Halloween, etc.  Get out there and enjoy it people because it is almost over!

So, I’m sure some of you have been wondering where I have been.  Well, the answer is simple I was at the pool –  splish splashing around and enjoying soaking up the sun!  I have decided someone needs to make a water proof laptop so I can continue to blog during my favorite season.  Until then, you may see a drop off during that time.

What else has been going on you ask?  Well, I have finally come out of denial.  I was in denial about how much not getting the business I tried to buy earlier in the year affected me.  Good news is I have a new business idea now (a ray of sunshine and hope for the dark dismal winter)! I am forging ahead too! I met with 3 commercial realtors on Monday to look at spaces available.  I liked 2 out of the 3.  Now if I can just get them to come down on the rent.  If anyone has any suggestions, then please comment below.  Thanks guys and dolls!  Have a blessed day!!! 😀

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The world did not end!


The year is almost halfway over. Can you believe it?

I think these ducks might have thought it was all over for them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEBLt6Kd9EY&feature=related

Ok back to Germany, I went to the Ulmer Munster which is the largest church in the world! It was 768 steps to the top!









I stumbled upon this video when I was checking the spelling of the name of the church:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_JU7jiWh-Q

People will put anything on you tube. Weird!

This church is in Ulm and it is close to what used to be Albert Einstein’s house. Since his house is now in the middle of a shopping center, they replaced it with an artistic statue.


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I want to go back!

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This is my friend Stefan, his sweet wife Stephanie and I at the Neuschwasnstein Castle in the German alps. Castle’s are awesome!!! We had to hike up to this beauty! It tooks us about 25 minutes. Our other option was to take a horse drawn carriage. The weather was a nice 60 degrees though so we were happy to walk!

The tour was not very long because only 10 rooms were finished inside the castle. King Ludwig II was having it built but in the process he mysteriously died near Munich.  Then 6 weeks later they opened the castle for tours. It was super tall and gorgeous! Neuschwanstein means new swan. It was decorated with swans inside! Imagine that! Ha!


I ate Leberkas for dinner. There is no translation for this food. I think it is a combination of pork and veal. Whatever it is it’s delicious! It came with German potato salad which was also delicious!

That pretty much sums up Day 1! More to come!

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OMG where have I been

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This is a quick blog to catch you up!

Let’s see I went to Germany and Gatlinburg, TN! I had a fabulous time!!! I will post a blog about each of those trips soon with pictures!

I am still attending business meetings. I was invited to 2 new ones. One is on the law of attraction and business. I went to it on Monday and it  is about staying on track and being positive! Also, I am taking a class at lunch on Fridays called Pathways to Purpose. It is about christian ownership of a business!

The business I was trying to purchase is not going to go through b/c the owner is not able to produce a balance sheet. This piece of paper is oh so important b/c it tells the banks exactly what I am buying (tables, chairs, kilns, etc.). There were several other factors as to why this was probably a bad idea anyway. Over the disappointment and moving on!

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St Patrick

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My pastor lady sent this interesting e-mail out yesterday:

 Today, people around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  It is an
> invitation for people of all faiths and nationalities to raise their
> glasses together.  Yet few people know much about St. Patrick himself.
> During his youth, the British Isles were overrun by Germanic tribes and at
> age 16 he was captured and sold into slavery.  One night, while praying,
> he received guidance on how to escape and find his way to a boat 200 miles
> away.  Following this inner voice, he found the ship which sailed to what
> is now France.  There he made his way through a dangerous forest, escaping
> capture and finding food along the way.
> When Patrick returned to Ireland, he inspired many with his preaching and
> was credited with many miracles.  One legend says that Ireland was once
> overrun with snakes.  Patrick is credited with driving the snakes away
> through the sheer power of his faith in God.
> We all experience being slaves of one kind or another.  We may be enslaved
> by fear or a sense of lack, limitation or oppression.  We may be enslaved
> by habits or addictions.  We are often captured by the small thinking and
> illusions of the world.  Yet, we all yearn for freedom.  Like St. Patrick,
> we may receive guidance on how to find our way.  If we trust our guidance
> and act on it, our faith proves itself and becomes stronger and stronger
> until it has the power to keep us from being lost in negative thoughts or
> destructive habits. 
> So today, as you “put on the green”, remember St. Patrick, an inspiration
> to us all.  We too can be free through the power of our faith.

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Life in 4th gear

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I had to shift down from 5th gear. Shifting down includes beer. Ha! I also bought some Serenity herb capsules at Earthfare. The girl in there was very helpful picking out these bad boys. She said lots of people that come in there like them. On the expensive little box, it reads: supports a healthy response to stress. I’m digging it. I haven’t tried them yet but somehow feel like it will probably result to this in the near future. Hopefully, they won’t make me tired which is a side effect of a lot of stress reducing stuff.

I have less than 2 weeks until I will be in Germany though! Sign me up for vacations anytime!!!

Good news – I finished the business plan template. Now, I just have to find the time to type it up. I feel like I am in school again. Gotta finish this paper and find some cool folder to put it in. I was hoping that college degree would benefit me one day. It looks like that day may have finally come! Ha! Just kidding I have used it before to work as a substitute teacher and to work at Measurements, Inc. where we scored students’ essay tests.

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Also long time no post


I stole this blog title from a friend! Appartently March is turning out to be insane… I feel busy as a cat on a hot tin roof. LOL! I just googled a metaphor for busy and that is the best the world wide web could give me. Tragic! I should have asked my blogger friend since he is good at coming up with awesome ones to help a sista out!

I have been so busy that I have experienced some chest pains. I started working out more to relieve the stress to no avail. Therefore I am getting a little concerned. It’s time to slow things down a little. The main stressor is the only thing I cannot slow down which my j-o-b. Dang it!

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Time to reassess


2 months into the New Year and here are where my resolutions stand:

1. I have to create a business plan for the banks… these bad boys are time consuming. It will help me in the future though!

2. I have heard some great new messages at church to share with people! I am waiting for the videos to be posted on their website so I can send them out. One is on Life is Hard and the other one is on Cravings. If you are interested in hearing more, then please leave me a comment on here.

3. I have started sleeping on my stomach a little. When I sleep this way I fall asleep faster. I need not to fall back into bad habits though. It is not good for my back or my neck.

4. Still giving money to the cure for cancer monthly!

5. Bought a 2nd set of wrist/ankle weights and still have not incorporated them into my work outs.


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